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I keep reading a lot about how the new franchise doesn't "live up to Roddenberry's standard." Face it, Trek got good when Gene died. DS9 would never have aired had he lived and had any control.

For the courts review I submit exhibit A: Gene Roddenberry's writing credits:

The Cage
Mudd's Women
Charlie X
The Menagerie, Part I
The Menagerie, Part II
The Return of the Archons
Bread and Circuses
A Private Little War
The Omega Glory
Assignment: Earth
The Savage Curtain
Turnabout Intruder
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Encounter at Farpoint
Hide and Q

I rest my case.
I like all of those to varying degrees. I also like Star Trek 2009. So what's your point?
That's also giving GR primary credit for every episode in which he shares a credit, and in the majority of cases I believe that's misleading. If you look at the history of just ST:TMP, for example, you'll see what I mean - WGA doesn't settle those matters by drawing straws.

For example, D.C. Fontana wrote the script for "Charlie X" - she has sole teleplay credit, there. Roddenberry has a story credit, which may have been an outline of several pages or may have been no more than the sentence devoted to "The Day Charlie Became God" in his original series proposal (and that sentence is little more than a riff on "It's A Good Life" by Jerome Bixby).

Of the episodes listed there that I think can fairly be blamed mostly on Roddenberry, "The Cage" is the only exceptionally interesting one IMAO. The others are mediocre at best.
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