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Re: Your home and sea level rises

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Oh, the perpetual smugness of the unsoggy and not-drownded landlubber rears it's decidedly moisture free head!

May you be divebomed by incontinent gannets and have barnacles attack your house.
Do you want some sea salt to go with your whine and cheese? ProTip: It's all around you, so help yourself.

Sorry, I don't bother paying attention to you and the other mer-folk until it's Shark Week. You're much more entertaining when you're peacefully floating on the surface of the ocean, blissfully unaware that you're about to get a Great White colonoscopy.
I think our sturdy ships will confound their dastardly attacks. How remiss of you not to think of such a simple solution. In any case, I've always wanted to strike a Captain Morgan Pose on deck as I gaze thoughtfully into the middle distance.

Also, coastline raiding. Booty and whatnot. Yarr.
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