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Re: George Takei and Second Two of TOS

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Look at William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. When the series was in production, they weren't all that friendly towards one another - and Nimoy got it into his head that while Shatner got top billing; his character of 'Spock' was the real lead/star of the show fans came to watch.
Well, he was. You talk like it's some delusion of Nimoy's, but the fact is that Spock/Nimoy got more fan mail than the rest of the cast combined. He was a national sensation, the breakout star of the show, and the network was constantly pushing Roddenberry to boost the size of Spock's role. It was a struggle for Roddenberry to keep Kirk as the main character despite all the fan and network pressure to focus on Spock, and he ultimately needed advice from Isaac Asimov on how to achieve it: by making Kirk and Spock inseparable friends and partners, a package deal.
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