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I guess all you higher purposed plumbers know that Trek in to Darkness has been panned by both the NY Post and Daily News as being DUMB..!!
And these are particularly important negative reviews because -- ?

There's a saying The Washington Post uses here to sell newspapers (their critic loved STID, by the way): If you don't get it, you don't get it. These reviews don't get it. STID is no different than the intelligently done but still sometimes campy TOS. The story is as deep as almost any TOS episode and prior movies. Marc Cushman is quoted as saying, "It's lost a lot of its reality." Reality? Huh? Explanation, please.

The NY Post review says that "surplus action and lack of creative commentary" is the biggest sticking point to purists. Not this purist. There are valid negative reviews out there, but any like NY Post's that hold Abrams's movies to a standard that is mythical to being with, well they just don't get it. Besides, who the hell walks out of a summer movie saying, "I wish there would've been less action and more sitting around conference tables discussing issues"?
Someone referenced some reviews but did not include links. I searched for the reviews and posted some links.
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