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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Been off the Gate for a bit, got busy, hoping to get back on schedule with my viewing.

7x5-Revisions: The SG-1 team finds a dead world...except for a bio-domed off city where the survivors exists. Every inhabitant is neurally linked to a central computer. I kind of had Matrix vibes, then when they download information they need on a whim I half expected the female Council member to pull a Trinity and leap out from behind that table. The dome protects the inhabitants from the toxicity outside. The link gives them access to information they can't store onsite due to availability of space. Come to find out the dome is shrinking. It constantly reconfigures itself the updates the citizens. But in doing so erases things from their mind so they don't suspect. The SG-1 team is able to "unplug" a leading citizen and show him that their civilization is indeed headed for destruction if they don't relocate them. Overall a decent episode if easy one to figure out.

7x6-Lifeboat: It's a good episode and Michael Shanks does a brilliant job bringing to life the multiple personalities in his head. SG-1 finds a crashed cryo ship and the only active native inhabitant stuns Daniel and implants a number of brain waves into his head. Making Daniel a type of "lifeboat" for these people's essence until a body can be found for them. What I liked most about the episode is that we have another advanced humanoid race out there. Their Regent was quite the douche but other than that if we ever revisit them I'd be curious to see how this pocket of survivors is doing.
It also occurred to me when this was over that this same theme was done back-to-back. I'm guessing when they air and you have a week off, as a viewer that's largely forgotten. On DVD it's like, really, we just did that theme.

7x7-Enemy Mine: Hey look, it's Michael Rooker...before I knew who Michael Rooker was by name!! The episode deals with the SGC finding a planet that has a large deposit of naquidah but the left behind slave Unas are living in the caverns. Daniel brings in his Unas buddy Chaka to communicate their needs more fully than he can in attempt to broker a truce. Michael Rookers character, already forgot his name, is under orders to clear them out by any means. He's fully ready to do that but O'Neill convinces him, along with Hammond's orders from on high, to give Daniel and Chaka a chance. So it all works out in the end so I'm not going to ellaborate on that. What I was feeling while watching this episode and as it relates to the last Unas as slaves ep from last season, is the Unas feel like the Jem'Hedar from DS9 in a way. Now at least, not at first. Visually as well at times. All I'm missing is a Ketrecel White comparison.

7x8-Space Race: While being a fun episode to watch is at it's core a commentary on a rising minority population, (Latinos), within a society and how some perceptions of that are seen. The "villain" is from the "old class"(whites). While clearly this POV could be true in doses as any stereotype is I find that putting this type narrative out there insulting. Largely cause it's selling it that the caricature of that bigoted person represents fairly how the "old class" as a whole thinks or acts. Everything about the space race isn't really worth mentioning as it was just the structure around which the commentary was presented. Does this mean I didn't like the episode, no. I was trying to place this in context of when it aired, late GWBush term, was that when the issue of amnesty came up? Thought it was his second term.
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