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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

The Portal House description is kind of vague, since it says nothing about what's on the other side of the portal or what kind of approach the series would take. Although the title suggests that the house itself would be the main setting, so it wouldn't be a travel-oriented thing like Sliders or Stargate, but more about dealing with stuff that comes through the portal, like Primeval but with a more fixed location. Or like that really lame Australian K-9 series, the unofficial Doctor Who spinoff, where the main characters had a time-space portal-generating device that dangerous aliens kept coming through and it never once occurred to them just to unplug the damn machine when they weren't using it!

And Intelligence bugs me, because it sounds like the guy has the same basic privacy-invading abilities as the Machine on Person of Interest, another CBS series, but since it's a human being doing it, it feels a lot more voyeuristic. Particularly in the hands of a character described as reckless and unpredictable -- the potential for corruption and abuse is enormous.
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