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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The Last Outpost RPG-X:

What is RPG-X?

RPG-X is your story, your characters, your ship, your plot, your world of Star Trek placed in an easy to download, ALWAYS free program. RPG-X not only allows you to take control of your own ship, it allows you to take control of your own crew as you lead them on a journey bounded only by your imagination Only with The Last Outpost can you experience a new realm of Role play.

What is The Last Outpost?

The Last Outpost is a group that nurtures your ideas, and builds them up into an enjoyable, memorable role playing experience. Here, as a member of a tight-knit community, you will not only learn how to master RPG-XCE, you will discover how to effectively bring your story to life, lead others and create your own Star Trek Universe.

I've been in gaming clans before. What makes The Last Outpost different?

For one, The Last Outpost is not a gaming clan. We have no arbitrary rank system based on time spent in the group, so once you're in, your voice is as valuable to us as anyone else's. Secondly, since we are not a gaming clan, we have absolutely no problem with you being a member in any other clan, fleet, guild etc. TLO was created a a community designed around having fun without the unnecessary drama that surrounds most gaming clans.

Wait, what is rpgxCE?

It is a free, legal, and extremely easy-to-learn program that will allow you to bring your story to life. With an infinite number of addons, you can create your ultimate universe. What was once a mod to the classic Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force is now standalone and downloadable by anyone. . This package will allow you to connect to our servers, participate in our RPs and, perhaps, lead one yourself.

Do I actually get my own crew, or are they just NPCs like in most games?

You get your own crew, played by living breathing people who you can interact with in real time. No static conversations like with NPCs, instead you can explore the dynamic history of each of your crew mates without ever running out of things to talk about like you would in Mass Effect or STO (Star Trek Online).

This sounds great! How can I join?

It is really simple. Go to and click on Forums. Then Click to Join. Register to the forums, and then fill out an application form. Then that's it; you will be welcomed as a full member of the TLO community

It's that simple. Join today, for a lifetime of fun!
If you have any questions regarding to this don't hesitate to contact me.

Lucas Picard
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