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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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Any chart ever made of US per capita murder rates. Back around the time of Constitutional ratification, when everyone had to murder with flint-lock muzzle loading pistols, the US homicide rate was about 28 per 100,000. The Colt revolver got that down to about 8 to 12. Switching from revolvers to high-capacity semi-automatics dropped it down to about 5.

The European homicide rate prior to the wide adoption of the flintlock usually ran somewhere between 20 to 100 per 100,000.

Homicide trends in America: 1850-1950 from Carnegie Mellon.

Long term trends in US homicide rates

Long term trends in violent crime, going back to the 1300's.
Do those studies show causal links between homicide rate and type of firearm? If so I can't find it.

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Assault rifles are the lowest powered rifles the American military has ever used since the development of the brass cartridge. When introduced they were dismissed as squirrel or poodle guns. Many states don't allow them for deer hunting because they're not deadly enough for a clean kill.
That's a red herring; assault rifles are better than hunting rifles or earlier military rifles at causing numbers of human casualties, and have been perfected to that end. The intermediate cartridges were developed to be more controllable under rapid fire, to have low recoil in a lighter weapon, to allow larger magazine capacity and to allow more ammo to be carried on the person.

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You could instead go after the deadly threat presented by legally owned fully automatic FFL weapons. A lot of my friends own those. Heck, even I have belt fed Browning. Yet the murders committed with those is listed as just 2. Not 2 per 100,000. Not 2 per year. Just two - in the entire database.
And yet, the destructive potential of those weapons is such that the people of the US have decided their ownership should be federally regulated, and those of more modern manufacture not legal at all for private ownership.
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