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What? You must not have been paying attention. Did you go for a toilet break at any time? Ducked out for extra popcorn?
It hasn't opened here.
Well it seems wrong to be telling you what happens when you could see it for yourself tomorrow, but as you have hinted that this won't be happening, and seeing as you asked...

I'm not sure exactly how much more the movie could have torn down Kirk's ego in 132 minutes. From a character perspective at least, I thought it was a very powerful journey, powerfully acted. I'm not sure why some commentators are criticising the movie of being devoid of character focus. To me, the VFX were just surface decoration for those willing to look no further. This movie is ALL about the character journey, about the heart and soul of this franchise, about making the journey from cadet to captain, about not letting a thirst for vengeance turn you into your enemy. While I enjoyed ST2009, I never really embraced the new characters, especially Kirk, or thought it felt like "Trek". This movie completely turned that on its head for me.

This had all the character interaction and "feel" of Trek that I so missed in the first movie.

Sure it has its problems. Kirk's journey from captain, to academy, back up to first officer and back up to captain again is no less rapid and contrived than it was in the first movie, but this time every promotion comes with a hefty slice of humble pie. Kirk's childlike fantasies about the shiniest ship in the fleet and a five-year mission become very adult, messy realities.

The movie has leaps of logic and technical contrivances that move characters around the chess board quickly, but that makes the plot "dense" rather than scattershot. It's no worse than any other Trek outing in that respect. Leave it to the next technical manual to fanwank all that into some semblance of order. It is certainly aimed at the modern movie-goer, but more in the delivery of the visual quality that audiences expect and in the pace at which it asks you to switch gears rather than simple "dumbing down". What sort of anthropological assessment is justified in calling a whole generation "dumber" than the one that went before. Was there some genetic crisis that I missed?

Anyway, I think you should go along and give it a go. At least that way your opinion on what the movie does and doesn't deliver can be a fair and informed opinion, rather than wishful thinking.
Wow. Great analysis. If Kurtzman, Lindelof, and Orci didn't intend this and just lucked into it, then they need to read your post and start saying, "Yeah, that's exactly what we were setting out to do. Yeah."

In TWOK, Kirk's real revelation was about how he had so often tricked his way out of death and thought he was a genius for it, but he actually knows nothing. That fits Kirk in STID, too. This Kirk may become an even greater captain than Kirk Prime for having had this revelation so much sooner.
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