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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

I'm back! Briefly. I decided to cleanse my pallet of Star Trek for Into Darkness, and now that's done with, I think I'm going to take some time off to watch the TOS movies, some of which I've not seen since I was a kid. Either way, I got one more in last week, but only just now got the time to write it up.


Viidians - I remembered them turning up more than this. Nice, different spin on them though. Nice to show the entire race aren't organ stealing mad scientists.

Anyway, the most disgusting race Star Trek may ever have introduced gets made pretty and the Doctor falls in love. To start with it rang a little untrue. The EMH struggling to cope with attraction, yet in the Beowulf episode we've already seen this. Though this is a much better version of it, and of course this time it's love.

Then it almost becomes an episode on euthunathsia, but instead carries on with "Love will conquer all." I'm not sure if this would have worked with any of the other actors. Picardo really shines here.
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