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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x16 "Q Who"

There's no doubt this episode is a cut above.

I just don't like certain aspects of it. I never liked the "Borg" They are a great opponent for TNG, but I didn't care for them. From their stupid name to the fact that they are the result of the Cybermen sleeping with Pinhead. Q and everyone goes out of the way not to say "Cyborg" or Cybernetic" Q calls them an Enhanced Humanoid. Last, there have been "cubes" before, although the Borg ship design does seem to indicate their uniformity and functionality over any style. I wonder if it was meant to join or break into bigger or smaller cubes?

Also, while he does make the big admission of need later, this just shows Picard's arrogance. He's overbearing and even his "admission" has a bit of I'm not too proud to say this because I'm better than someone else that wouldn't ask for help rather than a true humility.

Plus, I hate Guinan. I can't justify it, I just wish she never existed and everything with her in it is tarnished.

Despite my complaints, it was a much better episode then many and Q's line is brilliant.
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