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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

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Looking forward to this, as it's a good excuse for friends over and a few drinks. It's usually good for a laugh. I can see the UK doing poorly again, basically just repeating last year with another old star being wheeled out with a mediocre song. I was a fan of Englebert's song, but compared to the majority of acts last year there was no energy in the performance. I'm not quite sure when we'll learn our lesson. The best year we had in a long time was when Andrew Lloyd Webber had a hand in the selection, and there was a whole series dedicated to picking the winner. The BBC have only gone backwards in their thinking since then, and then wonder why we do horribly. Oh well. The other song I've heard so far was the Belgian entry. I was all geared up to listen to the whole song list on YouTube, but that was first and it was pretty dull. And then I stopped listening! I'm sure I'll come back to it before the semis though.
On the plus side Bonnie's entry can't help but be more energetic than Engelbert's was! The downside is, yeah it is more of the same.

I really don't know why the BBC don't link Euovision with The Voice. Have the winner of The Voice get their 2 year contract but have the runner up effectively be our Eurovision entrant next year? Any one of the final 4 from last year would probably get more votes than Bonnie will.
That'd be fine and would make sense. I still wouldn't like it though, as the Voice tends to inflict bland (but good) voices on us wherever it goes. Look at The Voice contestants in last night's semi. Austria, Belgium, Russia.. they're not performers. Good singers but visually boring. That said, the Swedish contestant was the runner up on their Voice last year and he has a lot of energy and should be reasonably interesting. But then Sweden are the exception rather than the rule.

Something that is played on Radio 1 now and could conceivably be a hit would be good. It would appeal to lots of people (particularly young people, in effect the opposite of Englebert's 'audience') and if they get the right performers, would be entertaining too.

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.... Also known as 'Which European country is least hated by the others 2013'
If that was the case Azerbaijan would never have won in 2011 and wouldn't be in contention for winning anytime again soon. Yeesh. It's the performance that appeals to the most people across Europe that tends to win, I'd guess that merely a small percentage of the winner's points comes from people voting blindly for the country closest to them.
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