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Re: Robert Englan'ds STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE CGI with original cast voice

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Whatever You Tube is saying, this is one of the upcoming Fan Films (or series) I most hope succeed. What you have released is remarkable and I hope for more to come!
Thank you! It is very inspiring to hear that. While i'm proud of what I have created, I am making a lot of good changes to the look to address obvious problems like the body volume issue and walking animation. (see the clips I pasted into message to Bill above).

I'm considering doing a KickStart campaign either to complete just this episode or for the entire 16 Episodes I have planned (plus 3-4 'Alternate Universe/'re-boot-Re-Boot' episodes I have the source material for).

My plan is to touch up part One (basically the first 15mins. of the first 45-minute episode) then use that to make the 'KickStart' happen. Any ideas or constructive comments you or the Trek BBS community have will be most welcome. Whether to attempt to fund just "Beyond Antares", then use that full episode, to fund the other 15(or as many as 19) after? Hard to decide..

At any rate, I plan to use whatever I can pull together:
to buy equipment, hire additional Animators and pop these episodes out as quickly and as high quality as possible.
>>> I would Love to up the quality exponentially and go Photo-realistic with sub-surface scattering of light and Renderman renders etc. If that ever becomes possible, that will become the plan! ;~)

Thank You again for your support!
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