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Re: Robert Englan'ds STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE CGI with original cast voice

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I fear there has been some misintrepretation of intent.

I merely tried to guess what you may have employed to create the final product. If I was wrong in my guesses, then obviously my eye is not as keen as I thought. There's no "law" that forbids the use of pre-existing content unless that's a peronal philosophy you chose to impose upon yourself. If everything was from "scratch", well, all the more power to you. I just thought I recognized elements and I thought I'd try to guess what they might be.

I take it that YouTube commenters have been generally insulting? Sadly, that seems to be the state of things there. Some have taken the MST3K "riffing" philosophy to a very cruel degree. Someone can't even post a clip of a kitten producing a funny "meow" without some schmuck screaming "animal cruelty!" or similar idiocy. It's enough to make anyone suspicious of any feedback.


Nice, I've never been happier to have been mistaken! I looked at other comments by you and I'm like "This guy is clearly balanced and well liked, what did I do??" > LOLOL <
I do plan on Thanking Mylochka (and a couple others in the 3D Trek community) in my final End Credits for both inspiration and idea sourcing that led me to optimized solutions (like Uhura's opacity mapped hair). However I generally re-make things I need with my own mesh, textures etc. if for no other reason than to try to up the quality of the end result a bit.
Also my original bridge (mesh) will be credited to ''B.J. West" (although I spent many weeks giving it Animated Textures and Soft Shadows, etc).
I consider myself first and foremost, an Animator and Visual FX Artist. Modelling is not one of my favorite things to be sure, I'd rather be trying to breathe life into something! Although I welcome you to check out the small update I posted to show new walk cycle work (I know,.. whew...!) and the new Sickbay Set Lab etc. (which I plan to donate to the Trek mesh community in due course):

(although I rendered the above before creating the new dynamically simulated Cloth Shirts I now have on the Characters.) In this clip (below) is the new Cloth and a funny little dialog interaction (I 'made') that the actors themselves would Never remember having! LOL

We see a lot coming up,
There is an inter-dimensional away mission at the end of this episode! Kirk goes a little insane due to a very unusual environmental property! (that's what the audio in the clip above is from, an extended sequence in which... oops... No spoilers! )

I'm doing my darndest but now that I'm backing up with animated scenes completed, but no machines 'just for rendering', it's frustratingly slow going... I'm considering a KickStart campaign, either for just this episode, or all 16 that I have planned (plus the 3-4 additional 'Alternate Universe/Reboot episodes I now have the source material for...)

Thanks Bill!
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