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Re: final episode...

So I rewatched S3's Countdown and Zero Hour which closed out the Xindi arc. I was wondering if anyone has the special features or commentary for that episode. I watched the series on Netflix. My question is why, after all the dangerous and high caliber threats the ENT crew faced. Why did Berman and Braga feel the ENT crew getting attacked by random aliens (I checked Memory Alpha they were never given a species designation) was the ending Trip Tucker deserved. He survived the Xindi, Sphere Builders, Romulans, Klingons, Temporal Cold War, Suliban, Orions and the Augments, but not random space thugs? Why didn't Trip take the aliens in to a room full of MACO's or wait for Malcolm to arrive with a security detail?

I keep hearing "valentine to the fans" in my head and I think about Trip's arc on the show. Lost his only sister in the Xindi attack, lost his daughter in the previous episode, according to TATV; Trip and T'Pol just stopped any and all relationship after the babies death, and finally Trip dies. His family line has ended with him. Was there no one around to challenge B&B about these things?
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