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But in the end, it does not matter... as long as you are able to enjoy it... why do you care what other people think?
I don't really seriously care or lose sleep over it.
But while we're here killing some time we have to discuss this stuff.

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The internet... it's not representative. Neither are polls etc.
Generally true. However, we're all here in a little Trek community. What its members think about the movie we're discussing is very relevant. Polls are relevant.
You can't just count on the most vocal members' discussion to see what the deal is.

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You will have the box office as one of the few really objective parameters to level the success of the film.

This again does not lead to a film being good or bad.
True,also. Box office success is not always an indicator of quality.
But other than our personal taste & opinions, box office, critics and BBS polls are all we have. And if they all tend to agree, then there's probably something a moviemaker did right.

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