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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Really? So why do three of the five decks on the saucer have no windows, while the other two have 2.5m x 9m luxury windows? Who inhabits those three windowless decks? Steerage? The Irish? Huh?
During the design process they started out with the ship being about 250ft longer than the TMP Enterprise, realized it wouldn't fulfill their needs for interior sets and shuttle mockups, and therefor supersized the ship to the much larger size it was in the final movie. Unfortunately, while they did alter the exterior features somewhat to match the larger size, they did not include windows on each deck, which would have gone a long way toward making the larger size more obvious, much as it does on the Enterprise-D.

Unlike these various statements insinuate, the ship has not been designed by Ryan Church to be that huge in the first place. In an interview for the Cinefex magazine #118, ILM Art Director Alex Jaeger says: "The reconfigured ship was a larger vessel than previous manifestations -- approximately 1,200-feet-long compared to the 947-foot ship of the original series. Once we got the ship built and started putting it in environments it felt too small. The shuttle bay gave us a clear relative scale -- shuttles initially appeared much bigger than we had imagined -- so we bumped up the Enterprise scale, which gave her a grander feel and allowed us to include more detail." So the ship was designed at 1200ft (366m) by Ryan Church, and was later scaled up by a factor of 2!
Your lines suggest the windows take up the ENTIRE DECK HEIGHT. That's ridiculous. Look at any building, and ask yourself if the windows take up the entire floor -- including the space between floors for piping, electrical conduits, HVAC, etc...
First of all, neither the lines or I suggested anything of the sort. There is plenty of space both above and below the windows, roughly a meter and a half worth on either side if the figures you gave for the window size above are accurate. Plus, the lines are thick to be more visible (so they block some space), and it was something I just threw together quickly to illustrate the deck structure after you asked where he was getting the four-to-five-deck figure from and were not willing to look it up yourself, so it's hardly precise. It's just a rough layout of the decks to give an idea of the internal structure.

Jesus Christ, this ship is like Oscar the Grouch's trash can, with its swimming pool, giant living room etc... It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I could draw a diagram dividing the saucer into 20 decks, too. Doesn't mean they're really there.
Could you draw it to correspond to actual external features with known dimensions (like the bridge viewport) and the breached multi-deck internal sections shown in the trailers?

Also, I think you've mistaken me for someone who is deeply invested in this frankly irrelevant to the quality of the movie, IMO, size argument. If it's important to you, more power to you, but please dial back on the rhetoric a bit toward myself and others. Some of us are just doing this for fun.

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^Where did you find that cross-section?
I have no idea where it originated from, but I found it here (the link is in the image above as well) through Google Image Search. Strangely though, I can't find the Imageshack link on that page to track it back any further than that.
Try here. (image link)
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