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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

Of course how come some countries have higher rates of violent crimes and yet fewer murders per capita than the US.

What that could mean is that whilst having more relaxed gun laws, reduces the chances of you being invovled in a violent crime but it also increases your chance of being killed.

Now of course the truth is far more compex than that, some countries have more relaxed gun laws and few murders and/or incidents of violent crime. i.e Switzerland.

So what can the US learn from places that have high gun ownership and low murder rates?

Do those places have training? well in the case of Switzerland they have national service so everyone is trained in use of a gun.

Does having Universal Health Care help, i.e. it ensures people recieve help with any mental health issues?

So using gturners example rate of assult weapons being resposible for 0.03 murders per 100 000, or 0.3 murders per million or around 1 murder per 3 million. Population of US ~300m So around 100 murders less per year hardly an irrelevant stat.
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