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Re: Apps for your Android device

Here is the pick of the ones I have

100 Push Ups - Works like a personal trainer and good for a basic workout while on the road.

Amazon Kindle - for all your Trek Ebooks

Broken Sword 1 & 2, great point and click adventure games

DC comics and Marvel Comics, a good time waster lets you download many a comic (you have to pay but it's cheap)

Filmon, an app that lets you watch some british tv channels live

Final Fantasy Dimension, good old school style FF game

Flipboard, a good news/magazine app that you can customise

Machinarium, another good point and click game

Mass Effect, a spin off ME game, fantastic graphics and good gameplay

Movietube, let you watch tons of movies

N64oid, 64 Emulator

Tune in Radio Pro, lets you listen to most any radio station in the world
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