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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

@ EliyahuQeoni

The way I see it, ignorance can either be that you see / learn something but decide to ignore it or that you "ignored" it because you didn't have access to the materials. In the interviews Franz Joseph (not me) claimed that he had access to several thousands film stills, but frankly I consider this to be a myth, especially when looking at his phaser type II reproduction in the Technical Manual.

Since Greg Jein was able to extrapolate from stills that there are numbers beginning with "16" but no such number ever appeared in Franz Joseph's works, it's a higher probability he never saw that scene or still and merely relied on the episode's script to learn that NCC-1371 was USS Republic (he didn't get the Commodore rank sleeves right in the Technical Manual although you can clearly see these in this episode).

@ GSchnitzer

If that's the interpretation that you prefer, it's fine but please don't make this (and other items) sound as if these were established facts that no longer require evaluation and examination. "Experts" like Mike Okuda obviously do have a different interpretation, because the Starship USS Intrepid (NCC-1631) is not on this chart but is being repaired in orbit of Starbase 11 when the Enterprise arrives.

@ blssdwlf

From the context of the episode and the naval analogy presented in this episode (e.g. "ashore" for "down on the planet") I understood that the ion storm mostly caused external "considerable damage" that requires "full repairs" and "a couple of days". I would also wonder why Kirk files a log entry at the beginning of the episode and fails to mention any repair effort by the crew. It's not his style to ignore accomplishments by his crew (compare log entries in "Where No Man Has Gone Before").

@ Timo

Wonderful unorthodox thinking. Maybe that's something we should investigate (after the 5-year-mission theory has been kicked out the door)...

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