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Re: First Contact alternate timeline

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Just wondered if there was a consensus among ENT fans that the events in ST:FC created an alternate timeline, where ENT takes place.

It seems likely to me, it would explain the "modern" look of the NX-01, if Lily's exposure to the Enterprise-E got back to the designers of the NX program.
Watch "In a Mirror, Darkly" - the Consistution-class USS Defiant is seen as amazing technology-meets-art by the Mirror!NX-01 crew. Mirror!Trip didn't even know what many of the ships' systems were for. And it smashed through 22nd century Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite and human ships like paper.
The episode "Regeneration" seems to indicate this as well, as obviously Cochrane wouldn't have spoke of "cybernetic organisms" if they hadn't traveled back from the 24th century.
The events of Star Trek: First Contact are mentioned by Seven of Nine in Voyager's "Year of Hell", which made no sense at the time because those Borg were trapped in the past and never sent their message to the collective. But at the end of "Regeneration", the survivors do get the message out, which explains how Seven knew that the Borg were present during the launch of Cochrane's ship. It actually fixes a continuity error!

*"These are the Voyages" puts Enterprise in the past of TNG's "The Pegasus"

*"In a Mirror, Darkly" puts Enterprise in the past of TOS' "The Tholian Web" (which is where the USS Defiant vanished from)

The so-called continuity errors, from cloaking devices to phasers, are out-of-universe retcons, IMO. Every Trek does it.
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