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I think some people are desperate to hate this movie.
I can only speak for myself, of course, but this ridiculous generalisation certainly doesn't work for me. I enjoyed the hell out of '09 and hoped to enjoy this movie just as much. The fact I didn't has nothing whatever to do with me being "desperate to hate" it; it has to do with it being one of the more vacuous excuses for a movie I've seen. If you see it differently, that's great, but you'd be best to avoid assuming that people who didn't like it all had preconceived notions that it would be garbage.

BillJ wrote: View Post
It just grates on me when someone acts like Trek was this model series for enlightened people and that J.J. Abrams films are just fluff that shit on Roddenberry's vision.
I've never had much time for the Trek's-a-masterpiece, Roddenberry's-vision-rules viewpoint myself. Roddeneberry, with the help of a great many other people whose input seems to be overlooked as often as not, made a TV show so he could make a living. The rose-tinted glasses view of it as some work of genius that's ascended to holy writ and must go unchallenged has always struck me as absurd. So once again, my lack of enthusiasm for this movie has nothing to do with me being one of those clichéd TOS-uber-alles types.

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[Abrams and co] created an alt timeline ripe for new stories and new adventures so stick with it.
Bingo. This is one of my biggest issues with this movie: '09 did away with so much of the baggage that had weighed Trek down...and the first thing they did with their baggage-free timeline was to make some sort of TWoK-lite pseudo-remake. Among other things, this movie is a wasted opportunity.

This movie isn't for me (this review linked to above, while harsher than I'd be about it, nonetheless covers several of the reasons I didn't care for it), but if it works for others that's great. As in all things, to each their own.
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