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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
Either Enterprise keeps terrible records of their travels, or this is a big fat continuity fail.

Next up: Ferengi. A couple centuries ahead of schedule. This show has zero respect for established Trek history.
Hey, you reviewed two episodes in one!

Rogue Planet... yeah the whole concept just never made sense to me. The planet... unless they just manufactured it as a giant green house and game preserve somehow. Which opens up more plot holes as to why and how they'd do it that way.

Though to be fair the shapeshifter bit, no one mentioned the "shapeshiftress" to quote Kirk's own words, in ST6 either. Maybe Kirk was just too embarrassed to put that he slept with a being that can warp into a 200 pound man.

teacake wrote: View Post

No no, you don't set them aside, you embrace them. You love them like a really ugly dog where you secretly love it more because of its ugliness. This is the secret to maintaining an infatuation with Trek in the face of all naysayers.
Hey, I was arguing against setting them aside. That's like saying the dog's pretty just because it's paws aren't as ugly as the rest of it. Me? The really bad episodes... what can I say, sometimes it's fun ripping into em at times. I never did like dogs anyways, so is that the equivalent of kicking a puppy?
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