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Carcazoid wrote: View Post
Stop with the snobby attitude for crying out loud. Bringing in new fans only makes Trek stronger.
Nothing new there, sadly. As I mentioned before, I entered Star Trek fandom in early 1980, with only ST:TMP below my belt - and hit the snobby fan demographic early on. That if only I were a "true fan", whatever that means, I would see their point that TMP was a terrible movie that threatened to kill Star Trek forever by letting in all these "newbies".

By December 1983, I was the club's president, and we grew from 200 to over 1000 members over the next decade. The committee was then about one third original fans and two thirds "newbies" (usually the ones with fresh ideas on fundraising and meeting coordination). Many of the older fans just faded away, more were chased away by ST II "going all military" on us, and lots more ran screaming after ST IV, which was branded by some as "the dumbing down of the franchise". And any of us around in early 1987 should still recall the intense disdain for TNG from some fan quarters, before it even aired!

So the films that polarized the membership would seem to be TMP, ST II, ST IV - and JJ's two films. Coincidentally, all were excellent money earners for Paramount. And those five movies all brought in lots of new fans to keep the franchise alive.

TMP and JJ's films are still my favourite ST movies.

dulcimer47 wrote: View Post
I just lament the lack of any kind of substance.
I've always found the "substance" in Star Trek is often a deliberate series of little gaps that are meant to be filled in by the fans (and the tie-in novelists). The best chemistry between characters is often when no words are exchanged.

teacake wrote: View Post
I saw ST:XII a second time today and I want to say.. ALL IS FORGIVEN.

I'm ready for the love train.
Hahaha. Glad to say "I told you so."
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