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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

It's been a while since I've seen Season 3, and tonight skipped two episodes (The Price and Vengeance Factor) so I can see two of my favorite episodes tonight for the first time in a long time back to back, The Enemy and The Defector. Man these two episodes kick all kinds of ass. Hell, it's because of these episodes where I got my username for this site.

I think I could watch Picard and Tomalak mince words all day and it would be entertaining. I just loved Stewart and Katsulas here, in a political showdown to prevent war. I love the fact that we got it not once, but twice, and they were 3 episodes apart.

One of my favorite episodes of the series and probably the best episode of the season was The Defector, but I noticed something I hadn't before. There are a lot of similarities between this episode and DS9's Duet. You had the enemy going with a different identity, making a decision to bring out the crimes of his race and make peace in the galaxy, and the whole confusion as to whether or not to believe the guy or not. It also ended with the Romulan (Or Cardassian) dying.

On a side note, I always smile at the scene where we get Picard's "If the cause is just and honorable..." the glorious score, and then the Klingons show up. The look on Tomalak's face is absolutely priceless.

As for the remastering, I love that we can finally see what's going on on the planet in The Enemy now. As for The Defector, I was really loving the stuff between the warbird and the scout ship at the beginning. CBS-D managed to make the Warbird even more menacing than it was and the remastering is absolutely staggering. I also notice this episode was written by Ron Moore. It's a shame time ran out for him to do a commentary track on it because this is an episode that deserves one.
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