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Favorite Mixtape/CD...

It's a lost art with digital downloads, but if you were to take (at max 2) 15 tracks on a CD/Mixtape with you to your grave, what songs would you take with you?

You can click on the song if you are not familiar with it or if you want to take a listen for any other reason.

I'll Start:

1.Seasons of Love - "Rent" Motion Picture Soundtrack
2.Never Give All The Heart - Smash Cast (Featuring Katharine McPhee)
3.The Circle of Life - "The Lion King" Broadway Soundtrack
4. Hook - Blues Traveler
5.Tattoos on this Town - Jason Aldean
6.Home - Dierks Bentley
7.Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
8.Already Gone - Sugarland
9.Vincent - Don McLean
10.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Amy Winehouse (Bridget Jones' version)
11.Invisible City - Wallflowers
12.Basket Case - Green Day
13.Duel of the Fates - "Star Wars Episode I: The Phanton Menace" Sountrack
14.Angel - Sarah McLachlan
15.The Dance - Garth Brooks

I will do my other mixtape later.

Have fun...
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