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Is this Generations that was so bad that Nimoy didn't want anything to do with it? If STID had half the plot holes that Generations had then this thread would be unbearable.
Nimoy didn't want anything to do with Generations because there wasn't enough for Spock to do, as it was a TNG movie.

Also, let's remember the vast difference between 1994 and 2009/2013. Nimoy had wanted to distance himself from Spock since the late 70's, and unless there was a significant role for Spock, he wasn't going to do it. I don't fault him for that.

Nimoy in 2009/2013 is whole different story, not to mention that Spock-prime plays a very minor part in J.J.'s movies, and Nimoy has a relationship with J.J. from Fringe.

I don't think whether or not Nimoy is involved with a movie is any measure of that movie's quality.
It's also because it was a nonsensical and terrible script that only two other TOS cast members came back. Generations is terrible on every single level and it doesn't have the excuse of being a light reboot. Imagine the rage on this forum if the plot was Generations level and they destroyed a beloved ship cause they wanted a movie ship
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