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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

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Whatever happened to that museum curator Danny was dating? Am I forgetting something or did they just drop her?
BigFoot wrote: View Post
They haven't mentioned her in a while... and considering Last Resort was cancelled, they could have easily brought Autumn Reeser back.
The show read your minds! Well, sort of. She got mentioned last night at least. Poor Danno... he is just not lucky in love.

I liked last night's episode a lot better than the most recent batch of eps. It was fun to see Steve and his mom in action together! I loved the cute magic trick stuff (and how it ended up being a save in the end). I also like that Danny finally got Steve to confide in him--Steve is always, always pushing with Danny but usually doesn't reciprocate, so it was nice to see that Danny got through to him a bit.

Oh man... Kono and Adam's relationship is not going to be in a good place now that he found out she cloned his phone. Do you guys believe him that he was trying to look out for her? I am on the fence. And now it looks like Adam's brother set her up.

Did you guys see the preview and how it said the team of 4 will become 3? I wonder if Kono will really end the season on the run or in jail, or if it's some sort of misdirect and someone else will be in danger, or Steve will quit. Excited for the finale!
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