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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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It is only in the much later "Cloud Minders" that Spock speaks of a seven-year cycle, but there he merely half-heartedly nods at Droxine's belief that "Vulcans only take a mate every seven years". He doesn't sound as if he were saying he swaps wives every seven years, so this reads more like he's saying he can choose a wife once in his life, with opportunities coming up only every seven years. After getting properly hitched, he's free of the cycle, and probably has very logical sex thrice a day and five times a night throughout the rest of his life, except when he feels like having a chocolate instead.
That's a good idea, but it's contradicted later on (and there's nothing in "Amok Time" to support that, either). At the beginning of the Voyager episode "Alice" (I can't believe that I'm citing Voyager, never mind one of my least favourite episodes - but it happens to be showing on Space as I type this), Paris and Kim are trying to guess Tuvok's age, and Paris makes a reference to Tuvok's 11th pon farr having taken place in 2304 (or something to that effect - I didn't know when the episode started that I'd be posting in this thread, or I would have paid closer attention to the dialogue).

But pon farr might be something that Vulcans who don't have access to logical sex thrice a day and five times a night (nice turn of phrase, BTW ) suffer from, like an addict who can't get a fix for an extended period.

Hm, the ever-logical Vulcans are secret sex addicts...

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I'm surprised the ritual didn't include a corridor of smashy crushers to traverse...
"Smashy crushers"? Is that a Kiwi thing?
I took it as a Galaxy Quest reference.
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