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Re: Had we ever seen imperial democracies in Trek?

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The terrorist leader in The High Ground told Beverly Crusher that the Federation continues to trade with his planet's government, despite them fighting a protracted war against his people's continent. This may indicate a certain degree of cynical 'ends justify the means' politics in some circles of the Federation
Or simply that the Rutian planetary government isn't as evil as the Ansata separatists say they are.

We've been conditioned to believe that groups like the Ansata are always right because they're "underdogs" trying to fight against The Man. But what if it's the Ansata who are in the wrong?
We aren't provided with enough information really to know, either way.

We witness a bombing and the attempt to blow up the Enterprise, so we know that Finn's group's hands are dirty.

On the other hand, by Alexana's own admission, her predecessor violated the civil rights of suspects, by disappearing them during interrogation. She claimed to have put a stop to it. However, at the episode's end, she summarily executed Finn by shooting him in the back, so it's not like she's really above throwing rights under the bus in the name of expediency, either.

Neither side on the planet exhibited the moral high ground; being ambiguous in order to challenge any and all preconceptions was the episode's point, I think.
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