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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

Quite sad about Serbia and Montenegro not making it, the former was very trashy Eurovision and the latter I've been enjoying a lot recently (and it would have been their first qualification).

Lithuania and (to a lesser extent) Belgium were DULL DULL DULL. Not particularly good singers either, surprised they went through.
I'm very happy Slovenia failed though, awful song.

Anyone notice what happened to the blocs? All of Bene(lux) and the ex-Soviet countries went through, but the entire Former Yugoslavia got destroyed. Quite unusual. If Macedonia, Albania, Romania and Bulgaria all don't make it on Thursday (quite likely in all honesty) we'll be Balkan-free for the final unless you count Greece, who ARE making it.

Ukraine and Moldova were my absolute favourites, excellent performances as I was expecting. And pleased to see the Netherlands through, it was in my top 10 of the night and they've been wronged too much before.

As far as expected campness on Thursday goes, I'd watch out for Finland, Greece and Romania in particular (although Romania isn't that good, just standout-ish).
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