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Re: The Romulans as "Space Romans"

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So what era of Roman Society are the Romulans based on? Is it a democracy or a dictatorship?
Probably a bit of both.

Who holds the real power, the Senate or the Praetor? Is the Senate elected or appointed?
IIRC, Romulan senators are indeed elected.

How are Praetors selected?
The Continuing Committee, I think. One of their duties is the confirmation of a new Praetor. Although we don't know what process candidates have to go through to get to that point.
Well the Roman Empire was kinda of a dictatorship after rule of Julius and then Augustus Caesar, where because the Emperor had absolute control of the military, they could bully the senate into doing what they wanted. Is that the relationship in the Romulan Empire?

Also there seems to be a secret police, which seems to undermine the idea that the Romulan Empire is a democracy.

It be interesting to see if there similarities in history between the Roman and Romulans Empire. Have they ever had a Nero or Caligula style ruler, someone who was pretty insane? It seems like Shinzon is the closet comparison, but he likely wasn't Praetor for more then a month.

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