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Re: Can you ID these TOS guest stars?

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Is #1 the actress who played Yeoman Tina Lawton? (aka Charlie X's lizard). I don't know the actresses name without looking it up, so that part I can't say.
As the OP pointed out, the guy with her in the picture is a big clue.

It's only a clue if you know who he is, which I didn't. Remember Masao said no Googling

Now that I know, I can kind of see it now if I focus on the eyes.

It's pretty interesting how it seems people tend to resemble their younger selves easily through their 60s but at some point aging takes it toll (many people, but certainly not all) somewhere in their 70s and they really start to become much harder to recognize when put up against their younger selves.

For example if you look at Shatner I think we only easily recognize him because he's never really left mainstream media.
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