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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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^ In TOS, Vulcan culture would not have been taught at Starfleet Academy because the Vulcans did not discuss such things with "outworlders." Same with Vulcan sexual practices.

And if you're tempted to counter that, taboo or not, Spock would have easily discussed it with his captain and best friend, then you need to rewatch "Amok Time."

In TOS, there was not a Vulcan around every corner like there was in some of the spinoffs.
Agreed. Not to mention that while T'Pol might qualify as a precedent, in the times of Enterprise, it was even more of an era of "cowboy diplomacy" and who knows WHAT Archer left of out the "official" report. Also, that era also establishes a great distrust between Vulcans and humans, and that undoubtedly continued even into the TOS era. Also, not many Wulcans served alongside humans, and until T'Pol, it was generally assumed Spock was one of the first Vulcans to serve to do so. Even in TOS, for the USS Intrepid was crewed by exclusively Vulcans.

Bottom line: do I buy Kirk not knowing the specifics of Vulcan mating? Totally.
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