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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Here, I made this. There are five full decks on the rim of the saucer, with a half deck above and below for piping and machinery and so forth.
Really? So why do three of the five decks on the saucer have no windows, while the other two have 2.5m x 9m luxury windows? Who inhabits those three windowless decks? Steerage? The Irish? Huh?

Your lines suggest the windows take up the ENTIRE DECK HEIGHT. That's ridiculous. Look at any building, and ask yourself if the windows take up the entire floor -- including the space between floors for piping, electrical conduits, HVAC, etc...

Jesus Christ, this ship is like Oscar the Grouch's trash can, with its swimming pool, giant living room etc... It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I could draw a diagram dividing the saucer into 20 decks, too. Doesn't mean they're really there.

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