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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

Itchin' for a good fight, are we, Star? I agree with you, though. A TV show is, after all, the sum of its episodes. When the bad episodes outweigh the good, you have to wonder at some point if the show itself actually is all that great.

Rogue Planet:

Enterprise finds a rogue planet and meets a group of aliens, who are hunting a mysterious creature. Also, Archer really digs blondes.

What the what? None of this made any sense. Here's why.

First of all, this rogue planet. It had no sunlight, so how could it support all this lush plant life, or have a breathable atmosphere? Do the plants somehow live without photosynthesis? I don't get it. Why did it need to be a rogue planet, anyway? It lent absolutely nothing to the plot, except the title of the episode.

Also, these wraith things. They're shape-shifters, right? But wait. There can't be shape-shifters on a planet only a few months from Earth, because someone would have bothered to tell Odo. But for much of early DS9, he believes himself to be the only shape-shifter, and everyone thinks they're just a myth. Either Enterprise keeps terrible records of their travels, or this is a big fat continuity fail.

While I was watching this entire episode, I was hoping against hope that this wraith appearing as a woman would turn out to be what the Eska said they were -- a dangerous animal that tricks you into seeing what you want to see, and then straight up eating your face off! Kind of like the salt vampire in TOS's "The Man Trap". That would've been cool. Instead, we got Changelings. Basically. Oh, and apparently hunting will no longer be a common practice on Earth in about forty years or so. Better sell all your duck calls while you still can, guys.

My favorite line belongs to Archer: "Have you ever known me to do anything foolish?" Ahahaha! Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder. HAHAHAHA!!

Oh, before I forget, do you think the Eska really did know that the wraiths were sentient? Or do you think they actually believed what they were saying?

Next up: Ferengi. A couple centuries ahead of schedule. This show has zero respect for established Trek history.
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