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Judith's ego is way too big for this show. Tonight, for example, they are singing a mellow song as a team with Adam and then she starts barking and bellowing. If she wins, I won't quit the show, but I will be disappointed.
The audience will probably get tired of her. Awesome from the start, technically proficient, but can't really get better or offer any surprises. I don't expect her to win, and she's not selling that great on iTunes so far if that's any indicator.

So Tuesday's round of voter eliminations was no surprise. I knew Garrett was gone for sure. Vedo being voted through last week and being ousted this week makes me think Usher's singers will whittle down to just Michelle pretty quickly.

Spot's Meow wrote: View Post
My understanding is that Shakira chose that song for him, Garrett didn't necessarily have much choice in the matter. But yeah that was weird.
Blake and Adam have been known to collaborate with their singers for what song to choose. They made a pretty big deal about The Swon Brothers picking a George Jones song for Monday. During season two, the snippets with Blake made it appear that Jermaine Paul was picking all his own songs. I think there was a singer on Adam's team one year where the song wasn't working so they just tossed it and picked a new one.

Maybe it's the editing, but it appears that Shakira and Usher are picking the songs and that's the final say.
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