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I really don't care about the "cadet to captain" complains I mean really using that logic we should have a trilogy of movies about Bruce Wayne where he doesn't become Batman until the tail end of the last movie.

I don't really watch a Star Trek movie because I care about Starfleet procedures and chain of command crap and other meaningless background minutia I watch it to see the crew going on space adventures.

And as such finding out that this is apparently getting derailed by said meaningless background minutia didn't exactly thrill me, in fact I consider it only wasting a few minutes a screen time a plus as I want to watch Kirk and Spock be Kirk and Spock, I don't give a crap about the Farragut, Republic or which ever other canon fodder ships Kirk was running around on before hand.

And another thing did it ever occur to anyone that Kirk may have gotten the promotion due to the fact that he stopped the guy who DESTROYED VULCAN, this isn't some colony in bumf@#k Idaho IN SPACE! this is kind of a major planet being the victim of what has got to be the worst terrorist attack in the federation history. So yeah i think stopping Nero is kind of important especially since he pulled it off while the fleet was screwing around at the ass end of the universe.
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