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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I suspect that somewhere in the various rewrites/editing they lost an explanation that Killian had been funding the 10 rings all along. that's why killian made the comment that he had always been the Mandarin and why he had the dragon tats in the final scene.
And that is really my biggest gripe with the the film.
That in the grand scheme of things I'm supposed to believe Killian has orchestrated everything/anything involved with the terrorist group The Ten Rings. It's not what Favreau and Feige said in interviews during IM or IM2. They were building to The the central threat.
Then in interviews for IM3 Feige revealed how Shane Black approached him with his idea for the Mandarin and he approved the changed from what I can only guess was a more true take on The Mandarin as the legit threat.

If Killian is in charge of AIM and it's funding I'm going to believe he's not giving any tech, even in smaller doses, to his 10 Ring army scattered about. They are having to steal Stark tech? It's just a disconnect in the grand scheme of it as an arc.

It's still a fun movie and I've seen it three times cause despite that, rather big gripe for me personally, it's still a really fun and engaging film otherwise. B/B- grade
I can see the argument that the Mandarin was associated with the terrorists in the first film but, unless I'm forgetting something, what's the connection to the second film? I found the first film to be relatively self-contained and not having an Iron Man 3 connection didn't really leave any plot holes.

Anyway, I liked it. Very good action. Close to the first better than the second, not as good as The Avengers.

When I saw the twist, I half expected he was throwing them for a loop and it would turn out that he was real after all. However, Ben Kingsley played the character they created for the movie very well. I'm not an Iron Man comics reader (I think my only real intro to Iron Man before the movies was a Spiderman or X-Men cartoon crossover). Once I saw that the villain was Killian, I was fine with it. The Extremis people were quite good and there was essentially an army of them so the threat was quite real. The action scene at the end was great.
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