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Star Trek is an incredible TV series and I've been watching it for as long as I can remember (1975 when I was 4). It's like a friend whose been with me my whole life, I honestly think it's the longest continual relationship I've had in my life.


It is incredibly flawed. People tend to remember the good and forget the not-so-good which simply isn't fair to J.J. Abrams version.

Is Abrams version perfect? Hell no, not even close. An elderly Vulcan, who hasn't been in active service for a century flying such a critical mission. A beach ball full of Red Matter, enough to rearrange the universe sent along when a single drop will collapse a star. Cadet to Captain of the Flagship.

But, in 2009, I had fun with Star Trek for the first time in a very long time. Somewhere along the way those in charge of the franchise forgot it was suppose to be fun.

"When I first heard about it (the Enterprise underwater), my inner Trekkie was in a rage. When I saw it, my inner kid beat up my inner Trekkie and made him go sit in the corner." - Bill Jasper
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