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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I'm still kind of baffled how big the Kelvin was, as it was supposed to have been built in the pre-timestream-split prime universe and there has never been any evidence in any iteration of canonical Trek that Starfleet built ships that big during that era. THIS almost implies that there may have been a split prior to Nero's arrival.
Depends on your perspective. If you want to believe that the AltVerse was always different from the start, you can use that to support that theory.

But, if you want to go with what was said by the writers, director, and in the film itself (that the divergence began with the Narada's entrance to the AltVerse and attack on the Kelvin), then you can say that the Kelvin was an experimental testbed unlike any other contemporary and more conventional TOS-type starship at the time, testing out a new larger hull, a new brewgineering and enhanced warp drive, new bridge control systems, new shuttles, etc. Once it held up as reasonably as could be expected against the massive and powerful new threat posed by the Narada, Starfleet decided to model its subsequent starships on that design (and with specs reverse engineered from the Narada recordings) in an arms race against this new type of Romulan ship. They had no idea it was a rogue ship from an alternate future at first, they probably just thought it was an incredibly advanced new Romulan design.

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I'm looking at an HD screencap of the damaged saucer portion from the movie and there are up to 4-5 distinct layers showing through.
Here, I made this. There are five full decks on the rim of the saucer, with a half deck above and below for piping and machinery and so forth. You can see the giant 5-Deck impulse control(?) center where the explosion rips off the aft section of the saucer.

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