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Re: Intrepid Updates

FINALLY got a chance to sit down and compose my thoughts about "The Stone Unturned."

For starters, a hearty and sincere "Well done!" to all of you. I'd been aware of this episode for a while and had been looking forward to it for some time. Certainly because of the involvement of Picard, and even more so when I learned some actual friends here in L.A. know Giles as well.

It'd be easy to nitpick everything good and bad -something I fear I have become too adept at- so I'll simply say that I quite enjoyed the show. I was a bit weary of a fan playing Picard but Giles did a great job, bringing his own interpretation to the character and still preserving that historian/archaeologist passion that Patrick Stewart so ably demonstrated for years. Visual effects were great as usual, and the script was -as usual- more than pleasantly witty, a quality I find lacking in most other fan films. From Hunter's growing consternation, Picard flirting with Caed, all the way to some real gems from S'Ceris ("If ignorance is bliss, I'd think you'd be smiling more often!" and the later callback to that line were great!) ... it just pops. In a good way. You guys are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone in the writing department and it shows.

Definitely looking forward to the next episode!
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