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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

Did anyone watch the first semi-final? I was actually impressed with the quality of songs this year. Lots of good stuff. Of course one or two slip through that get ahead of the better ones, but that's part of the fun.

I was very happy to see the Netherlands progress. It's been years since they made the final, and their song was quite different to everything else.

The boring Belgium song I mentioned before went through, though I completely missed the hilarious dancers strutting the stage when I first saw it. Can't wait to see it again on Saturday.

Ukraine was a dull entry also spiced up by some unusual staging. The giant bringing the singer on stage was pretty strange.

I was surprised that Serbia didn't make it through, as their zesty technicolour number was very Eurovisiony. I suppose Belarus will have to carry the torch for campness alone, unless something pops up on Thursday.
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