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One of the Talkbackers over at AICN put this up - love it.

Help Devin See STID!
Devin has seen it now and his review is one of the first ones I've read that I actually agree with:
I agree wholeheartedly with his point regarding quibbles over internal consistency not being mere 'Trekkie nitpicks' but pretty spectacular holes in logic.

I've noticed a trend in this thread with people alluding to the slow and talky Trek of old. It's like, we've changed! We're not that tired, decrepit Trek anymore! We're hip, exciting and energetic now. So let's distance ourselves from the dated and dusty. I just get the vibe we should be so grateful for what we've got, because look at the budget dropped on this monster.

You know, Trek was old and tired. Trek needed a big kick in the posterior. Spock and Kirk chewing up time grating over the minutiae of intergalactic politics wasn't going to cut it. And this latest outing is certainly not that. But one thing this outing also isn't is smart. In fact, it's dumb. It's really dumb. Oh, switch of the logic centers of your brain and you'll be fine, as someone above said. Riiight.

And that's what gets me at the end. It's asking me to dumb myself down for... what, the good of the franchise? To make it more accessible? Is dumb a prerequisite for appealing to the masses? Well, no. A lot of dumb stuff does work for the masses, but often it's unabashedly dumb fluff. Fast and Furious or American Pie works great for me when I want some mindless entertainment. However, Trek was never that (for me, at least).

You'd think there were only two options: the talky and dusty Trek so many are put off by (and not without good reason) or vacuous product now hitting the cinemas. I don't favor either! God, imagine if they'd made an effort to craft a fun, exciting and intelligent spectacle. They had this amazing fictional Universe to play in with all that material to draw from, and the budget to basically do whatever they wanted. A shame the alternative to what we got is only old 'n dusty, right?
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