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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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But 83% operational makes sense, doesn't it? That's what the label "Status" suggests, anyway.
I assume if it would read "% operational" we wouldn't be having the discussion.

However, it does read "% complete" and this apparently refers to something else.

"Status" would be applicable in both cases, either as operational status or upgrade vs. repair status.

Naw, the chart just means "operational." ("% Operational" would indeed have been the more accurate description for it.) If a different intent got injected by the art director other than was intended by the script, it was just an inadvertant production mistake. (I don't think the art director was empowered to unilaterally inject some alternate interpretation into the writers' script--nor would he likely want to.)


"FEATURING chart with legend: STAR SHIP STATUS.
Columns lettered: Major Maintenance...Minor
Maintenance...Ships Incoming...Ships Cleared."

Also, Kirk's line about "repairs almost complete" was always scripted to be a Voice Over captain's log entry--even in earlier drafts of the script. With no such later scene ever planned or even contemplated, probability that the chart was made for some later scene approaches zero.

In fact, it was very studiously not shown in later scenes.

So showing necessary maintenance rescheduling in the opening scene was the sole intent (and sole appearance) of the chart.
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