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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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FJ didn't ignore the chart, he just didn't interpret it to mean that all of those registry numbers represented starships of the Enterprise's class.
Looks like I missed information regarding Franz Joseph's research work. Did he actually ever see the chart from "Court Martial"?

Well, saying that FJ's work "ignored the aforementioned starship status chart" might fairly read as claiming knowledge of his research work, as in knowing that he deliberately disregarded the chart. If you missed information regarding FJ's research work, then you don't know that he deliberately disregarded the chart.

With no starship names on the chart, what's to ignore, anyway? Plus, we already know that he got the Republic registry right (or right enough, as 1371), from that very episode, so it would be somewhat surprising if he didn't know about the chart at all.
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