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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

It's a question power.

If he was a punk bitch making declarations, they could have fired him for his attitude despite having a good idea.

If he asked in the wrong way, it would have been weak to give into his demands.

And despite that the last guy they fired was capable of making a so/so good enough 22 episode season... They ain't got that guy any more. Whosoever the new showrunner, or showrunners are... The whole 12 episodes of season 3, I can see as a project runway like audition that 4 up and comers are given three episodes to dazzle the powers that be, and the winner who made the superior triptych gets the season 4, and if they still don't fuck up, we're looking at a 22 episode season 5.

They can't cold start the engine.
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