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The classic example for me when it comes to quality of storytelling is acomparison of the quarantine scenes in Alien and Prometheus. One is low key, sensible and avoided because of the subtlety of the plot (Ash's agenda). The other is devoid of common sense (the ship is open to the atmosphere and they have no quarantine protocols at all) and results in an horrendous messy bloodfest that typifies a shambles of a plot.

I suppose it isn't about old and new, it's more about good and bad, sensible and silly. They all have a mix of both. No episode or movie is perfect but no reason why we can't postulate on tweaks that would have made it more to our tastes. I love TMP but I would have preferred it have more character moments for the supporting cast and I would have liked it if a landing party had needed to navigate its way through V'Ger rather than everything taking place on the ship.

NuKirk displays none of the qualities required to be a captain. In fact, he barely displays the qualities required of a junior officer. I'd have preferred a progression that was more sensible but I can see equally that they want to display the character's progression on screen so they want him to be a flawed captain on board the Enterprise as soon as possible.
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