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^ Picard was born in 2305. As of the Stargazer incident (when he took command for the first time), I think he was 28.
Correct. The thing we don't know is if he was immediately promoted to captain as well, or was only promoted to commander, then captain after he proved his competency/excellence over a period of time. Doesn't really matter, though. He was put in full command of a starship at age 28 with all the responsibilities of a starship captain, and that's the point.

Tryla Scott was the youngest to attain the actual rank of captain in the old universe. (But I don't think her age when she got the rank was said on screen.)

The age thing is such an old chestnut, and there are nits to pick at both ends of the specturm. Kirk was feeling old at 53 in TWOK, and he was basically put out to pasture at 62 in TUC. However, Picard was already 59 when he took command of the Enterprise in 2364. It's hard to rationalize Kirk being old compared to that.
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