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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

Well.. as some might gather i'm a huge Castle fan and the season 4 finale just blew me away and i couldn't wait for season 5.

The first half of the season was amazing and everything i hope it would be.. them sneaking around, acting like some teenagers about to be caught, getting to know sides about each previously undiscovered (i especially loved the Hamptons and Sci Fi Convention episodes) but the latter half of the season lost much steam.

I had hoped they could keep up the fun of it but the show got dragged down in the typical procedural stuff with relationship sprinkles in the beginning and end (and maybe a little bit throughout).. somehow it wasn't that exciting anymore. The first four seasons were must see for me.. every day a new Castle episode was aired it was the first thing i did when i returned home.

Now it could have been days before i "bothered" to watch the episode and that's not a good sign (for any show). There's been talk about the gullible turn of character Castle has experienced this season and while i don't agree it's as bad as some made it out to be it was still at times annoying. Castle is a very intelligent man who just likes the supernatural and likes to get creeped out (and did it to annoy Beckett too) but they went too far with it this season for a few cheap laughs.. not their best moment.

Highlights still include the Kevin Ryan centric Irish Mob episode (once again an awesome performance by Dever) and the first few episodes of the season.

This finale left me kinda cold.. as i said earlier and in other threads i watch Castle for the characters and their relations.. the case rarely interests me and this time it was no different. It could have been any episode from sometime in the middle of the season.. nothing really spelt season finale at all. Apart from Kate considering DC and Castle popping the question (which i also saw coming a mile away) it was a pretty bland episode. A far cry from the brilliant season 3 and 4 finales.

Well.. the show obviously won't move to DC now that Castle has raised the stakes. There might be some things to sort out but Kate always wanted the relationship to progress and you can't progress much further than marriage. Chances are about 100% she'll say yes (maybe not in the first season 6 episode to keep the viewers on their toes) but i guess season 6 finale might revolve around the wedding.

I'll be definitely returning for season 6 (d'uh) but i also hope they return to some of the fun of early season 5 and before.

See ya in the fall!
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